What Does Organic Mean, Anyway? ~ Vlog Reboot Part 1

It's actually quite simple, understanding organic consumer spending doesn't have to be complicated or difficult.  Detractors want to tell you there is no such thing as organic, but it's not true.  They also want to confuse you about organics because, yes, there are substances that come from nature that can harm you. 

But we aren't talking about using poison oak or lead on your skin.  We're talking about using ingredients that are derived from nature that are designed to work in harmony with your health.  When we talk about organic, it simply means free from artificial ingredients.

We believe in organics because we know that nature provides.  We choose ingredients for our products that are safe and healthy and are free from artificial ingredients that are or contain agricultural, industrial and cosmetic chemicals.

Watch this rebooted Vintage Makes 3 video created by Kristine, our co-founder, and learn more about what organic means.

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~The Makes 3 Organics® Team

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