Wake Up Before It's Too Late

When The United Nations makes a stand against corporate interests [click HERE for article] by imploring us to cease large-corporate GMO-based farming and get back to small, family farming practices, we should all pay attention.


In the United States we have been convinced by corporate interests that spraying our food and farmland with billions of pounds of toxic chemicals is the answer to our food supply.  In the meantime, evidence is mounting that these chemicals are carcinogens, neurotoxins, endocrine disruptors and are harmful to the environment by causing Bee Colony Collapse Disorder, poisoning our waterways and creating a dependency on cheap, processed food that is part of a public health catastrophe.  But consumers can have the power to change this.  While governments around the world are acting to ban these toxic chemicals, we can still make a change in the United States by buying organic and having our voices heard.


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