How to Make Your Own Organic Face Wash


A face wash the whole family can use? Who else is on board with this idea? With our Makes 3 OrganicsⓇ Organic Creamy Castile Soaps or our Organic Liquid Soaps (buy the 32oz. Refills) this becomes a possibility! It was an easy choice for the creators of Makes 3 OrganicsⓇ to all use the same organic simple skin care products in their household. Dan and Kristine began creating these amazing products as soon as they found out their daughter, Alice, had asthma, eczema, and food and environmental allergies. They took the steps to creating their own organic products and want to encourage others to use their amazing healthy products as well. So here is a very easy to make face wash that will leave everyone in the family feeling clean and confident.

All you need is:

  • 3 Tablespoons organic, local honey
  • ½ Cup vegetable glycerine
  • 2 Tablespoons of our Makes 3 OrganicsⓇ Organic Liquid Soap or Organic Creamy Castile Soap


Combine all of the ingredients into a container with a lid, close the lid and shake to combine the ingredients, now it is ready to use! Honey is a natural relaxant, sleep improver and immune booster when eaten, but also is an amazing ingredient to use on our faces. Honey is a great skin moisturizer, it heals cuts and scratches, and protects your skin from damage from the sun! What a better way to jump into summer with some glowing skin and fresh smile.

Choosing organic, local honey is extremely important. Organic honey is free of harmful agricultural chemicals, and the bees that make the organic honey only feed on organic wildflowers. Honey has so many benefits, but a lot of them can become stripped away when not organic and local. In addition, bee cruelty is awful, it is more of a critical problem than a lot of people realize. The queen bee’s wings are often cut off and she is artificially inseminated. Large companies do not leave any honey for the bees to get through winter.  Instead, the honey is just replaced with a cheap sugar substitute. Some companies even burn the hives, killing all the bees, in the winter to reduce costs. When the honey is scraped up many bees get taken with it; crushed and smashed up. When we choose local and organic honey, we are supporting our local companies and are benefiting our bodies. We have the power of choosing to know where our food and products come from and making cruelty-free choices as a result.


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~Hannah Linfoot, Guest Blogger I @makes3organics I #organicforeveryone

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