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Full Body Toning Coffee Scrub

Full Body Toning Coffee Scrub

Hey folks we’ve got a super easy quick recipe for you to try out!

While cellulite is a tricky thing to combat, this coffee scrub could possibly help it out! A quick general reason as to why women get cellulite is because of a layer of tissue under the skin that is web-like. While a google search on the internet will give you a plethora of possible reasons; genetics, fat deposits, weak connective tissue, and more, they all seem to link back to this webbing that lies under our skin. For women, this webbing runs up and down our legs. Men have tissue that runs diagonally, this is just one reason why they are less likely to display cellulite.  

Below the recipe, I’ve broken down each ingredient and its purpose in this scrub and why it can help you tone your skin!

10-minute recipe