Try It, You'll Like It

When we (Dan & Kristine Sperling, founders) chose to listen to “That Still Small Voice” inside our own hearts, we were pushed way outside of our comfort zone.  We started Makes 3 Organics®  to help people make healthy choices when it comes to what products you put on your skin. 

To do this, we formed our own limited liability company, organized our ideas, found the right branding experts to help us develop our logo and slogans, developed our products from start to finish, created a website, put our products on that website, started social media campaigns and reached out to family, friends and strangers with our story. 

There are so many things we learned to do and are still learning to do as we go along, that sometimes we just have to laugh.  It is risky to put yourself out there like that.  You risk rejection, ridicule and failure.  You find out who your friends really are.  Not because they buy your products, but because they either show you love and support or they don’t - or worse. 

At one point in each of our lives we listen to that calling to contribute something to the world.  For some people, they hear that voice from a young age and are able to follow their own path and craft a life full of contribution, satisfaction and reward from the start.  For others, like us, we get caught up in what we are supposed to do, or what we think we should do and spend years on a path that isn't really meant to be.

Following your dreams and carving your own path isn’t easy.  Brandon Stanton, who created Humans of New York, said “[t]here are so many people that use 'following your dreams' as an excuse to not work. When in reality, following your dreams, successfully, is nothing but work.” 

It is hard and it is hard work.  But when your spirit is in alignment with your work, you find purpose.  Time collapses in those moments.  Hours disappear into creativity.  Something comes from nothing. 

So today, as we look to a new year, here’s to pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone.  Here’s to expanding your boundaries in whatever way you are called. 

Here’s to gratitude for the journey.

~Kristine Sperling, co-founder I @makes3organics I #organicforeveryone

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