What Are Those Bumps in my Balm?

From time to time we will receive feedback on our Organic Body Balms and Organic Lip Balms with concerns about the little crystals that form on the top surface of the product.  Never fear!  This is not mold or mildew or anything strange or unexpected ~ so don't let the doubters get you down!

With pure Coconut Oil, an increase in temperature can cause the crystallization of the oil when it cools back down.  Just like when you buy Coconut Oil in a jar, when the Coconut Oil in our Organic Body Balms and Organic Lip Balms can crystallize and form concentrated little power nuggets of pure, raw fatty-acid goodness. 

You can read all about the benefits of Coconut Oil and these fatty acids on our website page called Our Ingredients
We also discuss this at length in this fantastic Blog Post where we discuss all of the benefits of using Coconut Oil ~ you definitely want to read it. 

Because we live in an era where we are used to personal care products being "perfect", it can take some getting used to the texture and feeling of products that are natural.  Please know that even though we do not use synthetic preservatives, that our products are safe for you!  We test every batch for safety and quality and we give you expiration dates for our all natural goodness - just like you have for your food - as it should be!


~The Makes 3 Organics® Team

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