What is Elegance? Soap and Water!

What is Elegance? Soap and Water!

~Cecil Beaton

At Makes 3 Organics ® everything we do is about helping you create an organic life filled with happiness and wellness for your body, mind and spirit.  Makes 3 Organics® naturally grew out of our own family’s journey from unconscious living and serious health concerns to an integrated and organic lifestyle that is built around intentional and balanced choices made to nurture our lives.

When our daughter, Alice, was three years old she had her first asthma incident which rocked our family.  Another year later she developed eczema and other symptoms which brought us to an allergist.  We were stunned to find out that she was allergic to hazelnuts, birch trees, cats and dogs.  The animal allergies we were expecting but neither Dan nor I had any food allergies and we were in shock.  We felt horrible.  How could this happen to our daughter?  How were we going to protect her in a world full of delicious hazelnut spreads?  How would we manage all of this with her school years starting soon?  My Mother had recently developed a deadly allergy to pine nuts.  Could this be related genetically?  Alice’s allergist said something to me that day that I will always remember.  He said “I can’t show you the data, but after fifty years of practicing is an allergist I can tell you this is environmental.  Clean up her diet, pay attention to the ingredients on the products you are bringing into the home and minimize the toxins as much as you can.”  He went on to remark that although there is a genetic predisposition to Alice’s triple threat of allergies, asthma and eczema, not all predispositions are expressed.  It’s the environment that triggers the expression of the illness.  Wow.

This was a huge wake up call for us and really got us thinking about our lifestyle and shopping habits.  We were minimizing the processed foods and were buying shampoos and lotions from the local organic food store but we really weren’t focused on ingredients.  Why did one product irritate Alice’s eczema while another did not?  Once we really started looking at the ingredients in our soaps, shampoos and other personal care products it became pretty overwhelming.  Even products carried in health food stores were full of ingredients that we could not pronounce and we learned by searching the Environmental Working Group online database could be harmful to our bodies.  We dove into this subject and learned that each of us is carrying hundreds of chemicals in our bodies from our environments, some are natural but increasingly in our post-industrial and chemical age they are man-made.  These are industrial, agricultural and cosmetic chemicals that have only come into existence in the last fifty years or so and their collective presence in our bodies is now known as the Body Burden[1].  Again, we were overwhelmed.  What were we to do?  Live in a bubble?  What’s more, since Alice’s initial diagnosis, she developed additional food allergies and sensitivities that now shape her life and how she interacts with the world.

Many factors contributed to our family starting Makes 3 Organics®.  During the period of time that we were learning how to adapt to Alice’s health issues, Kristine quit her job as an attorney.  She worked for years in Big Law in Chicago but when Alice was born she didn’t want to continue with the lifestyle of working twelve hour days.  When a new job in our home town of Madison continued to be a source of stress in her life, she said goodbye to the profession.  Kristine needed a direction for her passion and talents and we saw a need to help families make informed and healthy choices about the consumer choices they are making.  Modifying our food choices for Alice and buying organic food was a gateway into the world of organic personal care products and because we love scents and soaps, exciting ideas started coming into our minds.   So it wasn’t only a crusade to bring healthy personal care to the market, it was also our love of scents and aromas and soaps that inspired our first products.  The foundational idea for Makes 3 Organics® finally sparked when we realized we could combine our love of scents and soaps with our passion for helping families and giving back to our communities. 

It occurred to us that the best way to bring good health to our daughter and ourselves is to make one healthy decision at a time and we realized we want to help other people do the same thing.  We were inspired to begin with the basic, most fundamental practice of how we clean our skin.  Each of us starts our morning with a bath or shower and the soap we use can set a tone for mindful and organic decision-making for the rest of the day.  We started making and producing soaps for the whole family because we should be just as picky about what we put on our own skin as we are about what we put on our children’s skin.  We use only organic oils and blends of those oils and always retain the natural glycerin that results from soap making so we can give you natural lather and long-lasting moisture.  We use only essential oils to create fragrance because that is the natural way to create aroma and receive aromatherapy benefits of scents.  Finally we use only hand-crafting techniques in small batches with ancient methods for the most simple, most pure results.

By refusing to strip away the natural moisture of the soap to monetize the glycerin in other products, by refusing to add chemicals to create lather or hardness and shelf life, and by refusing to add synthetic fragrances to keep our cost of production low, you can be sure we are producing the safest and best soap on the market for you and your family.  In other words, if your Grandmother wouldn’t make soap with it, neither will Makes 3.  We are committed to these methods for the long haul.  You will always be able to count on the Makes 3 Organics® Brand to bring you simplicity, quality, truthfulness and peace of mind.  Everyone can live an organic life and we intend to help show you how.

With love and gratitude,

The Team at Makes 3 Organics®

[1] http://www.chemicalbodyburden.org/whatisbb.htm

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