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Why Should We Use Organic Products?

Why Should We Use Organic Products?


Friends With Mother Nature

By using organic skin care products we have a chance to help our bodies and the environment as well. When choosing products that only contain organic ingredients, we decrease the amount of pesticides and agricultural chemicals used when harvesting ingredients. Typical pesticides and other agricultural chemicals impact the safety of the soil of the earth and even the water in our homes. When manufacturing non-organic products, they become chemically saturated and the chemicals go into our air, to our water supply, and into our homes where we live. By choosing organic products we are encouraging manufacturing of cleaner products. This typically goes along with using recycling friendly containers as well.


Glowing Skin

The FDA is not nearly as attentive to monitoring skincare safety in the USA as they are our food. If you are worried about what the FDA permits with food regulation, you should be even more careful with your choice of skin care products. There is numerous loopholes companies have created to ignore the very few regulations the FDA has set in place. Big companies can essentially put whatever they want in our skin care products whether or not they are good for our bodies. But, by using organic and natural products there is a nutritional value to them that helps support your skin, they contain more natural vitamins and promote repairing, refining, and rejuvenating our skin; not to mention lower toxicity.


Sweet to Our Organs

Our skin is the biggest organ of our bodies. Think about what this organ goes through: cuts, bruises, scratches, exposure to harmful chemicals, and dirty surfaces. We have the ability to make healthy choices and treat our skin differently. We have the ability to give our skin more natural, safe products just by making simple choices when shopping. Our skin is a giant sponge; it absorbs what we put on it. What we put on our skin absorbs into our bodies and goes into our blood and into major organs. When using organic and natural products, the ingredients have been already researched to be safe and compatible and work in harmony with our body chemistry.


True Scents

Conventional companies that manufacture synthetic products use the fragrance loophole to put whatever they want in our skincare. The FDA says a company does not have to reveal what they put in their fragrance because it is considered a trade secret and is private to their business. This gives these companies the power to add whatever they want and just call it fragrance. While using organic and natural products this is not a concern. The ingredients in these products are typically known and the aromas are organic or naturally occurring. We still have the ability to smell wonderfully when using organic products.


Third-Party Certifications

At Makes 3 OrganicsⓇ, we choose to invest in third-party certifications for our products so consumers can trust what we say is true about our products. We have a beautiful collection of EWG VERIFIED™ products; meaning our products have met the strictest criteria for transparency and healthfulness. We avoid ingredients that have been flagged for potential health concerns, and label them to fully discloses our ingredients, ensure they are free of contaminants, and promise good manufacturing practices. The Environmental Working Group helps show ingredient transparency and everyday exposures to chemicals in our personal care products. When something is EWG VERIFIED™ it is easier for us to know we are making a healthy purchase. We also make sure Makes 3 Organics products are the perfect family friendly choice for you by making sure all our products are certified under the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) by Organic Certifiers, based in Ventura, California. The USDA NOP creates global standards for organics in body care and personal care products. Check out more about USDA NOP and EWG VERIFIED™ HERE.





~Hannah Linfoot, Guest Blogger I @makes3organics I #organicforeveryone

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