Your Guide to a Healthier You in 2019

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Here are the perfect tricks to make sure you see a healthier self in 2019! Health is achieved both physically and mentally. Perhaps you just want to be happier in 2019. Happiness comes from within and is ultimately achieved by having a healthier perspective on life. Even though happiness is something you can achieve through your mental capacity, often times physical activities do bring joy into your mental state.  No matter what your goal may be, below you’ll find a realistic and achievable guide on how to create a "Healthier You" in 2019.

Start Small

When you start small, your body and mind won’t go into shock. When shock happens, you’ll often give up. Small goals will ultimately be how you can achieve bigger goals of optimal health.

Be Realistic

If you haven’t worked out in over 6 months, or ever, don’t set your goal to lift every day nonstop for 2 hours a day. Or anything else unrealistic like that. You’ll be so sore after the second day that your body will just shut down.  Same goes for a diet routine. It’s important to remember that there are ways to be healthier, without making drastic changes to your life immediately. Here are five changes you can easily make that will help you become healthier and transition into a more nourishing way of life.

  1. Drink More Water: This will boost your metabolism, and help you feel fuller. It also hydrates your skin from the inside out, creating a youthful glow to your complexation.
  2. Stretch 3 Minutes a Day: Either before bed or right when you wake up, set aside 3-5 minutes just to stretch. Even if you don’t exercise, stretching can keep your body limber and make daily tasks easier. Stretching can also improve your posture and reduce injuries.  This decreases your odds of injury such as throwing out your back when you pick things up, like grandbabies, TV’s, or other heavy objects. You can start to build up your time from 3 minutes by adding 3 additional minutes to your routine every week.
  3. Be Grateful: This will be your key to happiness. Once a day just take a moment and list a few things you are grateful for. Even if you’re having a awful day, take a second to show gratitude for something. For example, if your significant other has been a real downer lately, perhaps give thanks for something about that person that isn’t irritating you at the moment. The more you give thanks for people, events or items in your life, the happier you will be with what you have, instead of being sad of what you do not have.
  4. Use Organic Soaps: You would be amazed at how many neurotoxins are on conventional soaps and laundry detergents. Switching to organic products that are organic, nonGMO, and free of synthetics will help you eliminate the risk of being exposed to toxins. Starting with organic soaps can also help open a gateway to using more natural body care products and send you on a healthier journey!
  5. Get outside: Even if you don’t live in the warmest part of the world during January, you should still try to go for a 10-15-minute walk outside. Getting outside allows you to be engulfed by nature and its healing properties along with getting a little exercise in.

Create Goals as You Go

You don’t want to over-do your goals, you’ll lose steam. You can always add goals later in the year. When you start off with little goals, you have a foundation to build up big goals! Make sure when you set goals you know you’ll be able to stay on top of them daily. And when you have that routine down, without a second thought, then you can start creating more goals.


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